The amazing Atziganospilios Cave

The cave  lies 10 minutes Southeast of the village Adrianos Merabellouon and opens on the base of a giant rock, at the location Notiko Hlabouti of the wider area of Koukistres. The rock consists of  limestone among schists and phyllites. Nearby lies a deep limestone ravine, which is a bed of a torrent.

After the entrance, at the depth to the left, there is a small chamber featuring beautiful geological decor.

Going down, there are quite a few stalagmites and a water basin that has dried up in the middle of that hall. On its western wall, the chamber opens up with charasteristic pillars and a narrow fissure at its depth. On the Southwestern wall there is the corridor leading to the next chambers.

This very next hall has an interesting natural decor and a steep descending slope of about 10 metres. In the small chamber, there are many sherds from vases and human bones. The last hall  is very hard to enter, since the floor is ragged and very steep although its natural decor is exquisite.

The total length of the cave is 48 metres and many bats live in the cave. Unfortunately, during the last ten years the cave has suffered many damages and detachments of pillars, stalagmites etc.