Klinis – The genuine Cretan knives

In 1971 Mr. Klinis Ioannis, still a child, was introduced to the art of Cretan knife making, alongside the best craftsmen of the time.

Guided by the will and the appetite for work, having at the same time gained the appropriate experience, he starts his own laboratory with minimal technical means.

His love and passion lead him to the development of his art and technique, making his knives among the best on the island.

The cultural value of the Cretan knife allows to this day the uninterrupted cooperation of the company with most of the merchants of Crete.

So, faithful to the famous Cretan tradition, the sons of Ioannis Klinis (Manolis & George) follow the path that their father has been following for decades.

The genuine Cretan knife, with art and taste made by the Klinis knife factory, is an ornament for every home and a valuable gift for your loved ones, which will forever remind them of Crete.