Region of Crete: An online event for the “International Women’s Day”

Celebrating the “International Women’s Day”, the Region of Crete organizes an online event on Monday, March 8 at 18:30. The event will be shown on Facebook: and on Youtube: .

The Regional Governor of Crete, Stavros Arnaoutakis, stated: Through new roles and through increased duties, the woman of the 21st century is called to face multiple obligations. For the Region of Crete, the “International Women’s Day” highlights the role of women in the emergencies that have arisen in our country in recent years.

At the same time, we emphasize that society today, more than ever and under the conditions of the pandemic, must, with rapid and decisive steps, proceed to the restoration of normal social conditions. A process in which the modern woman, the woman who supports her family, the woman who works, the woman who travels, the woman who is present politically and socially play a decisive role. The important role of women in the society is acceptable for all of us. In this context, the Conference that is organized is expected to lead to useful social conclusions” .

The online event will host women from various sectors of the social and political life of our country, whose work inspires women of all ages. With The motto “Women on the Front Line – Strong Together”, will be discussed issues related to their role in modern reality.