Askyfou Plateau – In the serenity of the White Mountains

Askifou plateau is located 50km south of Chania and is a magnificent landscape of the White Mountains, all year round. Its altitude is around 1200 meters and it is very often covered with snow, during winter.

Its name means “cup” in ancient Greek, because of its shape. Askifou has four small villages with few inhabitants, most of them being shepherds.

In the middle of the plateau, above the village Goni, there’s a hill at the top of which there are ruins of two Turkish castles. The Koules of Askifou, as they are called, were built by the Turks in the late 19th century to control the passage to Sfakia.

The southern edge of Askifou plateau is the starting point of the imposing gorge of Imbros.

A few miles west of Askifou two smaller plateaus are shaped, with outmost beauty below the imposing peak Kastri (2215m altitude). The first plateau is called Tavri, while the second is called Niato. Tavri hosts the E4 trail that comes from Katsiveli in the heart of the mountain desert and ends at Askyfou

In the plateau there is also the settlement of Kares in which there is the small, private, War Museum of George Hatzidakis. The museum exhibits a variety of weapons dating back till 1770 and many coming from the Second World War.