The plateau of Omalos

Omalos plateau, is located 38km south of Chania at an altitude from 1,040 to 1,250 meters, surrounded by the high peaks of the White Mountains. Omalos in winter offers unique experiences to visitors as they can enjoy the immense snowy landscape, mountaineering and hiking. At older times, the plateau of Omalos was the base of rebels during the two and a half centuries of the Turkish occupation.During the German occupation in the Second World War, a small airport was also operating in Omalos for a short time.

Today, Omalos, and specifically Xiloskalo at 1250m, is the starting point for the famous 18km long Samaria Gorge. In Xyloskalo you’ll also see, the forest guard kiosk and the information center about the White Mountains and the National Park of Samaria.

In the area, you will find traditional hotels and taverns, as well as, meat and cheese of great quality, since almost all the residents are engaged in livestock farming.