“Chochlioi boubouristoi” – One of the traditional dishes of Crete

A recipe for choclioi boubouristoi fromuniquecreta”

Choclioi (snails) are an exquisite cretan delicacy since the Minoan era, conquering European gourmet cuisines, as well. On the island they are cooked in several ways, such as: Boiled, in tomato sause, boubouristoi, etc.

The main varieties of snails collected on the island

The little white snails gathered during the summer dormancy, when a paper-like membrane seals their opening.

The brown and large snails, which are collected from February to June, and after the summer when they are very thin. These snails need to be fatten up and cleaned, usually with eating groats, for 10 days.

Nutritional value

The snail, has low calories and fat content and high content of minerals, essential amino acids and beneficial fatty acids.

The calorific value of snail meat is 60-90 calories per 100g of ready-to-eat meat, smaller than the meat of various fish, birds and mammals.

Snails are very beneficial to human health, as they prevent atherosclerosis and thrombosis, have an anti-inflammatory effect, act preemptively on allergies, depression and other diseases of the nervous system.

Chochlioi boubouristoiRecipe

You will need:

300gr. Snails ready to cook

2 sprigs of fresh rosemary

2-3 bay leaves

50gr. Olive oil


½ cup of vinegar and

some flour

How to cook them

Put the snails in a basin of water and leave them for half an hour until their heads are out. You separate them if they are stuck together and throw away those who have not got their heads out.

Boil the snails in a pot with salted water, sprinkled with a little vinegar and bay leaves for a few minutes. Allow them to drain well and flour.

Heat the olive oil in a pan, put the snails and sprinkle with salt and rosemary.

When the snails begin to boil in the pan you quench them with vinegar and after boiling for a little more, they are ready to serve them.