The forested mountains of Crete

Crete was once covered with dense forests, mainly cypress. These forests have almost disappeared due to logging, overgrazing and fires. Even so, the few remaining of them are some of the most beautiful landscapes of the island.

Εach area of Crete, has its own characteristic trees. So, the provinces of Apokoronas and Sfakia are covered with cypresses, Thrypti has mainly pines, central Crete hosts arbutus, the humid area of Kissamos hosts chestnuts, while the White Mountains are covered with oaks.

It’s worth noting, that the greatest oak wood, located at Rouvas area on the mount of Psiloritis, is home to rare animals and plants, including the endemic “Cretan wildcat” and the orchid “Cephalanthera cuculata”.

Apart from these though, woods of special tree species are formed in various parts of the island, such as the palm woods at Vai and Preveli beach, Azilakodasos near Malia, which is the largest forest of holm oaks in Crete etc. .