The delicious gruyere of Crete

Crete is known worldwide for the unique quality and taste of cheese produced on the island.  This is mainly due to the free grazing of the animals on the mountains of the island, where the amazing Cretan herbs are grown.

Today we will tell you a few words about one of these cheeses, the “divine”, gruyere. Gruyere is a hard, yellow cheese, with a natural hard, pale shell and a homogeneous soft shape with small holes. It is made exclusively from fresh Cretan sheep’s milk. It has a subtle aroma, mild flavor and it is lightly salted. Its taste includes aromas of fresh bread, butter and roasted nuts.

Finally, it is worth mentioning, that there are also the so-called “old gruyves” (twelve-month maturing), which have a spicy taste and a more intense aroma.