Nida – Rouvas trail: The uniqueness of… wild Crete


On the west side of the Nida Plateau, near Anogia Rethymnon, there is a trail with an easy route that is12 kilometers long and will take you approximately 3 hours to cross. (Distance of Heraklion about 50 km).

After reaching Anogeia, by the Heraklion-Rethymnon Provincial Road, you will follow the path to the Nida Plateau. On the west side you will descend the main dirt road, for about 1500 meters and you will reach the “Varsamu” valley.

At about 2.5 kilometers you will find the depth of a valley that leads you to a branch. There is a tree with a small rock and 200 meters after the rock is the source of “Varsamos”.

Going left for about 250 meters you will see a “mitato” (shepherd’s mountain lodging), in which you can rest. Then, at an altitude of 1450 meters you will continue for about 2 km until the end of the dirt road on the plateau “Amoudara”, where on the right there is a very big chasm.

Continue your hike enjoying the wild scenery of Nida, going uphill and then descending to the side of a dry stream through dense vegetation.

After about 900 meters you will see a large cave pit on your right. At this point, your route to the forest of Ruba begins.

From here the E4 signs on the trunks and the red signs on the rocks will take you south, about 900 meters. When you reach the top of the small ridge you will see a concrete tank on a dirt road, which after 150 meters will lead you near the picturesque chapel of “Michael Archangelos”.

Αt this point you have a panoramic view of the entire “Rouva Basin” with a series of high peaks. Following the southeast ridge downhill for 1500 meters, you will reach the riverbed.

A few meters to the east is the confluence of the central stream of “Rouvas” with a small river with running water from the spring of “St. John”.

The best time to enjoy this route is from March to October.