The Kotsifos gorge and the Agios (Saint) Nikolaos chapel

The Kotsifos gorge, one among the many gorges in the prefecture of Rethymno, is located several kilometers northern to the Selia village and starts at the village Kanevos.

Its total length is 2.000 meters while on its western side we meet the picturesque, stone-built chapel of Agios Nikolaos, built in a rocky cavity of the mountain.

The landscape in the gorge is enchanting surrounded by tall, vertical, imposing rocks, that reach a height of 500 meters and dense vegetation, with oleanders, wickers, a large number of Cretan endemic plants and brushwood on the steep rocky banks.

At its starting point the canyon is relatively narrow with a width of about 10m. which gradually increases and eventually forms a 600m wide creek.

After about 1 hour of hiking, Kotsifos canyon joins the Boutsina gorge. At this point, during winter, an impressive waterfall of 27 meters is formed.

Walking through the gorge we come across the French‘s Mill, an old watermill that a French lover of Crete, has turned into a home. Then we meet the equally impressive Mill of Vavourides, an old stone bridge and just opposite, in a cave, the chapel of Agios Onoufrios, .

Alittle way along, there is another watermill and then the Kotsifos gorge, ends up at Plakias beach.