The village of Spili- The natural beauty

Spili is located about 30km south of Rethymno. Its population is 800 inhabitants, but this number increases during the summer months.
In the center of the village square with the two huge plane trees, is Kefalovrisi (i.e. prime spring) as it is called. This is a series of 25 fountains with the form of a lion head from the mouths of which 330 cubic meters of water flow every hour, rich in iron and having a constant temperature at 13 °C.

Also, the square is a reference point for every visitor or local, since around the headwaters, there are tall perennial plane trees that shade cafes and taverns with genuine Cretan cuisine.

The lush vegetation of the village is caused by the gurgling river flowing south of the village. The river is full of trout and can be accessed through a path of great natural beauty.

In this wonderful village of Crete you will find in addition to unique traditional dishes, amazing handmade constructions of the inhabitants, which are definitely worth buying to remind you of the rare beauty of this place.