The beach of Kaliviani with the light-blue sea

The beautiful beach of Kaliviani belongs to the prefecture of Chania and is one of its biggest beaches, located at a distance of 43 km away from the city center

Kaliviani has a large, fantastic coast with thick, brown sand and some rocks at many points. Additionally, the sea there is crystal – clear like all the beaches in Chania. The sea also has a unique, light – blue color and a normal depth. However, the wider area is not protected from the winds and as a result, the sea of Kaliviani usually has big waves. We can say that it is an appropriate beach for families with children but during your stay there you have to pay a lot of attention as it does not have a lifeguard in order to ensure your safety.

In addition, before going there, you have to know that Kaliviani belongs to the unknown and unorganized beaches of Chania. Consequently, if you choose to spend a day there, you should buy an umbrella, a sunbed, also a first – aid kit box for emergency situations. What is more, there are no cafeterias and taverns on the beach so you should take care of cold food and water supplies. However, if you want to have a more organized lunch you can visit the homonymous village as it has some taverns that serve fresh food daily.

Another important detail about the beach of Kaliviani is that it does not offer to the visitor the opportunity to do water sports since it does not have the necessary facilities. As a consequence, when you visit it you will only have the choice to swim with a mask. Nevertheless, there is also the opportunity of fishing as the area has a very interesting sea bed. It is also worth mentioning that nudism and camping are forbidden at the beach of Kaliviani. If you decide to spend there a day or more, you can visit the village which has a beautiful, traditional hotel where you can rent an available room.

Maybe the beach of Kaliviani is not the ideal place for comfortable, summer days but it definitely is an ideal destination for those who want to relax away from the overcrowding.