The amazing Vathi beach – Where the pirates used to hide

Vathi is a spectacular beach located 79km southwest of Heraklion and 17km from the village of Sivas. Situated far away from urban centers, Vathi is an ideal destination for the ultimate relaxation. The beach is shaped at the exit of a small gorge and a circular bay conceals it from the open sea. Due to a legend, pirates used this well-protected beach with the almost always calm waters, as their anchorage.

In the area, there are several makeshift huts, built by the locals who come mainly from the village Gergeri, as heir ancestors used to bring their flocks in this warm place in winter.

The beach is mainly sandy, with stones in places. The beach is surrounded by several tamarisk trees, where you can find shade while the water is not very deep. Should me mentioned, that Nudism is not allowed because it is considered offensive due to Odigitria Monastery, which is located nearby.