Georgioupolis – The town with the picturesque harbor

Georgioupolis is a small coastal town in Chania prefecture between Rethymno prefecture to the east and Chania to the west. It is 38 km before Chania and about 80 km from Heraklion

It is built in a green area with a big beach and the Almiros river which flows there, forms a small lake that hosts birds and animals. The eucalyptus and cypress trees you will meet just before you enter the town, will amaze you .

In the very beautiful and picturesque square of Georgioupolis you will find restaurants and taverns under the shade of eucalyptus trees during the summer when the temperature rises enough. The shops around the square are many but for those who love hiking, a walk through the narrow streets will reward you and you will see many shops with local products.

Within a short distance from the square you can walk to the small harbor where you will see moored fishing boats . At the edge of the harbor there is a small lighthouse in blue and white colors, adding its own traditional touch to the whole fairytale backdrop of the beautiful town.

The most popular attraction of the port is the chapel of St. Nicholas located in the sea on an artificial pier with rocks.

The picturesque town is suitable for a relaxing holiday but not devoid of nightlife.