Discover the “Aspri Limni ” Beach

The unknown but enchanting beach called “Aspri Limni” belongs to the prefecture of Chania and specifically to the beaches of Kissamos. It is located at a distance of 69 km away from the city of Chania, on its southwestern side.

Aspri Limni has a charming shore with white, thin sand. The sea has a unique blue – green color, it is shallow and it also has a normal sea bed configuration. What is more, the wider area is protected from the winds so Aspri Limni usually has no waves. We can say that if you have children in your family, it is an ideal choice if you want a calm and at the same time safe beach. However, if you go there with your kids you should pay attention because Aspri Limni does not offer a lifeguard in order to ask for help when is needed. Moreover, when you go there you will meet an amazing, exotic and at the same time wild landscape because of the big rocks which are located on the beach.

Before visiting the beach of Aspri Limni, you should know that it is a completely undeveloped and unorganized place. As a consequence, you should definitely take care of cold water and food supplies and of course do not miss to buy a first – aid kit box in any case of an emergency.

Τhis beach is not ideal for the visitors who love water sports because there are no facilities and when you go there you will only have the opportunity to swim with a mask in order to explore the enchanting sea bed of the area.

Maybe the Aspri Limni beach is not a cosmopolitan place and does not offer the visitor all the amenities needed for a pleasant day at sea but it surely is a “heaven on earth”.