The gorge of Santorinios with the dense vegetation, the lakes and the waterfalls

Just 25 kilometers away from Heraklion, near the Marathos village, is located the Santorinios gorge. The gorge is a hiking one, 1.5 km long and of moderate difficulty.

The Santorinios gorge was named after its soil reminiscent of that of Santorini. Formerly, with this soil the locals used to build their houses.

Although it is not a large gorge, it is densely vegetated due to the many lakes created by the water of the area.

At the beginning of the gorge lies an old watermill that has become one with the branches of an ivy, constituting a unique painting of nature.

Then there is the first lake called Azilakokolymbos with steep cliffs on both of its sides.

A little further, we reach the first waterfall i.e.Santorinios, at the base of which a very beautiful lake forms. To continue our course, we have to climb the right side of the waterfall for about 15 meters reaching the top of the hill. From here, to reach the edge of the waterfall, we need to use a rope, as the area is very slippery and downhill.

As we continue along the gorge, we come across other waterfalls, one of which is an impressive double one.

The return is done via the same route while in case we want to get some rest we can visit the picturesque village of Marathos.