Sitia Archaeological Museum – One of the best museums in Crete

The Sitia Archaeological Museum is one of the best museums in Crete. It operates since 1984 and hosts the most important archaeological finds from eastern Crete (the wider area of Lassithi and Sitia Province). The museum is housed in a fully-equipped building complex with laboratories, storerooms and library. The findings cover a period of about 4,000 years, from the Late Neolithic Era to the Late Roman Period.

The exhibition in the museum is divided into four sections: exhibits from the Minoan period, exhibits from Zakros,exhibits from the Geometric and Archaic periods and exhibits from the Greco-Roman period.

The major attraction of the Sitia museum is the gold-and-ivory “Kouros” statue from the Minoan city of Palaikastro, belonging to the Minoan Period. Other notable findings are from the Minoan palace of Zakros, but the most interesting exhibits are the vases from a Roman-era shipwreck, kept in a tank of salt water.