Herbs of Crete

The herbs that one encounters on the island of Crete are numerous, many of which grow only in this land. Some of these are:


The malotira is collected from May to August and is usually the main ingredient in a concoction of exquisite flavor with other natural herbs which are also quite beneficial for the human health.


The sage is collected from April to October and is one of the most important herbs of Crete. Its global name “Salvia salvare”, meaning ” to save ” fully characterizes the herb considering its value for the human body .

Dittany ( erontas )

Dittany blooms and is collected from June to October. It grows on steep rocks and cliffs and it is called ” erontas ” (love) in Crete as anyone who wanted to show his girlfriend how much he loved her, he offered dittany which was considering a very bold gesture .


Marjoram is also collected in the summer and is thought to have antiseptic , antispasmodic and digestive properties .


The mint blooms in June and August , is collected during the same period and it is considered one of the most important herbs . It has a strong flavor and is used even in salads.


Oregano is also considered one of the most important herbs of Crete and is used apart from cooking for medicinal use as well.