The Venetian Shipyards of Heraklion

At the end of August 25 street in the Venetian port of Heraklion city , the visitor will witness what remains of the Venetian shipyards .

The Venetians whose fleet was dominant in the Mediterranean was building docks in each port to make sure that commercial and naval vessels would always be in good shape to continue their travels. Thus the shipyards of Heraklion were an ambitious engineering project, the construction of which is divided into four phases from the 15th to 17th century. In Heraklion there were built a total of 19 shipyards connected through arched openings.

Nowadays only 5-6 out of 19 are still preserved. Between the shipyards there was a salt storeroom, and a large water tank with capacity of 20,000 barrels which was built to the west of the last shipyard. It consists of two vaulted spaces interconnected with arched openings and has four openings to let in light and air.

The magnificence the visitor feels upon looking at the shipyards is unique, especially in the evening in which the municipality of Heraklion has provided beautiful lighting for them.