The beautiful village of Agia Fotia with the Pre-Minoan findings

The beautiful village of Agia Fotia is located 7 kilometers east of Sitia on the road to Vai.

In front of Agia Fotia there is a large beach with stones and sand while the tourist development of the area is great.

The name of the village comes from the church of Agia Fotini and from the archaeological point of view, the whole area is of particular interest.

On the beach of the village there is a cave with traces of ancient habitation. Further up on the hill, of “Koufotos”, were discovered the ruins of an extensive rectangular Pre-Minoan building with 37 rooms built around a central courtyard, surrounded by a wall, possibly fortified. The importance of the building is related with its «antiquity» combined with its architectural structure, as it constitutes a primary form, a «precursor» of the Minoan palaces of Crete.

To the east of the building has been excavated the largest Bronze Age cemetery in Greece . It belongs to the Early Minoan period, 252 tombs were excavated and another 50 were destroyed. Many findings were discovered there such as, 1800 vessels of various types, stone and bronze objects such as axes, hand-mills, hooks, manuals etc.

At the outskirts of the village is preserved an old watermill that has been declared a historic preserved building.

Agia Fotia, is a very beautiful destination of Crete.