September – It’s time harvesting the grapes!

The grape harvest (trygos), takes place throughout September

The grapes change color and become sweeter, as they mature. The harvesting time has come when the grapes have the desired color and the appropriate proportion of sugars and acids, for the type of wine to be produced. These measurements should be made on representative samples during ripening. During the harvest, the grapes are carefully reaped by hand (this is the usual way almost all over Greece) and carried to the winery as soon as possible, to ensure the quality of the The cut grapes are collected in special baskets, called “kofinia”. Special scissors or flick knives are used to cut the bunches. In the Greek countryside, formerly and according to the customs, harvesting and pressing grapes was one of the most important agricultural works and the reason for a great feast.

The word “trygos” (grape harvesting) is derived from the ancient verb “trygo” (cutting and collecting the grapes), used for the first time by Homer, in an astonishing description in the Iliad. Some researchers argue that the first vines were cultivated in Crete, while others in Thrace around 1.000 BC.

According to a myth of Greek mythology, Staphylos was the son of Dionysus and Ariadne. While in another myth, Staphylos was a shepherd of the Aetolia king,Oineas. When Staphylos was grazing his goats, noticed that the one who ate one particular fruit was more fat than the others. So, he decided to gather some of these fruits and offer them to his king. The king made a juice with the fruit which he called «Oinos» (wine) from his own name, and gave the fruit his shepherd’s name “Staphylos – staphyli”, as the fruit is called (grape).

photo: i Palia Athina
photo: xiromeropress